Info non-talk '101 Avenue' not to be confused with 'Kerning Square'.

101 Avenue
RockspiritCrazy Myou-z-Ke Taiwan Mob 029Boombox
Name 101 Avenue
Other Names Taipei 101, Taipei Tower, Taiwan Tower, Boulevard 101, Taipei
Amount of maps Several
Based on Taipei 101, the 101-storey tall building in the capital of Taiwan.
Popularity Unknown%
Usefulness 95% 95%

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Taipei 101

The minimap of the Taipei mall.

101 Avenue is the most recent expansion of the content Formosa.
101 Avenue resembles the real 101 story building Taipei 101 in Taiwan. This building was the highest building in the world untill the Burj Khalifa came around. In KoreaMS, World Tour has been removed and edited, this resulted in Kerning Square.


Normal Maps:
Taiwan : ???
Taiwan : ???
Taiwan : ???
Taiwan : ???

Other Maps:
Taiwan : ???

Taiwan : ???
Taiwan : ???

Roaming MonstersEdit

For a list of monsters in 101 Avenue, see monsters of 101 Avenue.

Crazy Myou-z-KeEdit

Crazy Myou-z-Ke is the final boss in the 101 Avenue and is found at Taiwan : ???, this boss is not your average boss as he attacks much faster. His magic damage can be compared to Ergoth's and his touch can be compared to that of Papulatus' normal form.
He is also armed with an AoE (Area of Effect) attack, so you better be carefull.

101 Avenue bosses
Crazy Myou-z-Ke
(Unofficial name)
  • Boss
Level: 100
HP: 800,000
MP: 8,000
Knockback: 3,800
W.Atk: ??
W.Def: ??
M.Att: ??
M.Def: ??
Accuracy: ??
Avoidability: 55
Speed: ??
EXP: 180,000
Notice: The original version of the Crazy Myou-z-Ke who spawns in Kerning Square.