Crimsonwood Keep
Master Guardian
Master Guardian
Name Crimsonwood Keep
Other Names CWK, Crimsonwood, the keep
Amount of maps Many
Based on Unknown
First Introduced North-AmericaMS, date unknown.
Popularity Unknown%
Usefulness Unknown%

Main Discussion

Crimsonwood Keep

A minimap of the Crimsonwood Keep.

Crimsonwood Keep is the third expansion to the Masteria content, and so far has only been released in GlobalMS.
It can be entered trough a hidden portal in the Haunted House map.

CWK Crimsonwood Keep Party QuestEdit

The Crimsonwood Keep Party Quest can only be done by the main Adventurers, which means Pirates, Aran, Evan and probably the Dual Blader are not able to do this PQ.
This quest is most known for one of the drops of the bosses - The mark of Narcain, a level 120 pendant which gives 10 W.Att and M.att.

The monsters in this Party Quest have mirrored names and are all based on an Adventurer class.
Hsalf, for example, is based on the thief class. If you mirror his name it'll say Flash, refering to the fact that thiefs are usually quick.

Alternative versionsEdit

Both JapanMS and ChinaMS have their own version of Crimsonwood, due to them both having the Halloween Haunted House (Event), they can't enter trough there.
Instead they enter trough a cave in Aqua Road, their Crimsonwood Party Quest also has an extra boss. A buccaneer-lookalike.