Shanghai CNGarden MountSong GreatSage
Shanghai Yuyuan Mt. Song Grand Hall
China mob 025
Guard of the Princess
Giant Centipede
Giant Centipede
Name China
Other Names Dong Fang Shen Zhou
Amount of maps Many
Locations in China Shanghai Wai-Tan, Yuyuan Garden, Mount Song Town and Grand Hall of the Great Sage
Based on The People's Republic of China
First Introduced ChinaMS, date unknown.
Popularity 10% 10%
Usefulness 70% 70%

Main Discussion

China's name differs per MS version.
It's called Dong Fang Shen Zhou in ChinaMS and TaiwanMS, whilst it's called China in JapanMS and South-East AsiaMS.
Dong Fan Shen Zhou translates into "The Eastern Divine Land", or "The Oriental Divine Land".
Like all World Tour places, the areas in China are also based on real places and events. The Yuyuan Garden for example is based on it's real variant.

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