Dual Blade

Dual Blade logo

Name Dual Blade
First Introduced KoreaMS
February 25, 2010
Class type Thief, Adventurer, Limited
Hometown of Dual Blade Secret Flower Garden
Popularity Unknown%
Grow speed 2star
Potential 2star
Flexibility 3star
Dificulty 2star
Maximum level 200

Main Discussion

Dual BladerEdit

The Dual Blader is a new class released on February 17 in the Korean Tespia and on February the 25 in Korea's offical servers. Unlike Aran and Evan, this class is not a legend but a new sub-class for thiefs.

It, however, still has his own Cash Shop and Beginner class, so you can't prepare a level 30 Thief to get a head start off others.
This class is unique in the terms that it can only be made during the period assigned to it in KoreaMS, which is from February the 25th untill the 9th of May 2010.

Class profile: Dual BladerEdit

Class type: Adventurer
Unique features:
-Ability to wield two daggers. (A normal dagger and a Legendary dagger, combinations of two normal or legendary daggers are not possible.) -Own Cash Shop inventory. (You cannot transfer from other characters their Cash Shop inventories
-Has a skill to throw monsters up in the air.
-Currently holds the record for most hits during one attack. (Twelve times with Chains of Hell.)
-First non-magician class with an full-screen attack. (Sudden Raid)
-First class that can only be created within a certain period.


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