Floating Market
Floating Market icon
Name Floating Market
Other Names Floating Market, Thailand Market
Amount of maps Few
Based on The rainforests in Thailand.
First Introduced ThailandMS, date unknown.
Popularity Unknown%
Usefulness Unknown%

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Floating Market

The minimap of the Floating Market.

The Floating Market is based on the real events of Floating Markets in Thailand. This area is home to many jungle-like monsters. Mainly resembling lizzards and frogs.
This map also has water with Phiranas, just like lava in El Nath, it does 10 damage per second and makes you immune to other attacks for that time. Use this to your advantage.


Thailand : Toad Pond
Thailand : Frog Pond
Thailand : Floating Market
Thailand : Brilliant Swamp
Thailand : Isolated House
Thailand : The outskirt of the village
Thailand : Small Jungle
Thailand : Red Jungle
Thailand : Deep Jungle

Thailand : Frog Pond
Thailand : Brilliant Swamp

Roaming MonstersEdit

There are no regular spawning monsters in this map. See monsters of the Floating Market for the monsters that can be found in this continent.