The Hob King PQ is a PQ which is currently available in KMS, GMS, CMS and TWMS, it will come to MSEA in version 1.01.

The Hoblin King Party Quest is in El Nath and you have to protect Shammos, you can protect Shammos by killing all the monsters before they hit Shammos. The party quest is for all people from level 70 up to level 200. at the end of the Party Quest you have to kill the endboss. The endboss drops earrings:


REQ LV.: 75

Magic Defense: +30
LUK: +3
INT: +3
5 Slots


REQ LV.: 75
Magic Defense: +30
STR: +3
DEX: +3
5 Slots


REQ LV.: 75
Magic Defense: +30
LUK: +3
DEX: +3
5 Slots


LV.: 75
HP: 32,000
MP: 150
EXP: 800


LV.: 76
HP: 33,000
MP: 200
EXP: 850


LV.: 77
HP: 34,000
MP: 200
EXP: 900


LV.: 78

HP: 35,000
MP: 250
EXP: 950


LV.: 79
HP: 36,000
MP: 300
EXP: 1,000


Boss LV.: 80
HP: 800,000
MP: 10,000
EXP: 590,000

As you can see the Boss gives some crazy experience, not all the monsters are in the PQ, some monsters may be in the area that came with the PQ in the most versions.


As you can see in this video you just protect Shammos by killing all the monsters in the maps, it gives an nice reward and it looks like it's quite some fun. This PQ is pre-big bang and all versions will get this PQ before the Big Bang patch. If you get this Party Quest in a patch on your version it might mean that the Big Bang patch will come in a few months~