Shanghai Wai-Tan
Black Sheep
Black Sheep
Giant Centipede
Giant Centipede
Name Shanghai Wai-Tan
Other Names Shanghai, China
Amount of maps Many (15)
Based on Chinese farmland
Popularity Unknown%
Usefulness 80% 80%

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Shanghai Wai-Tan

The minimap of Shanghai Wai-Tan.

Shanghai Wai-Tan is China's first World Tour area, the main city resembles a part of Shanghai whilst the areas around it are mainly farmland.
The monsters range from level 20 to 38, but there is a boss. If you manage to kill it for a few hours straight, you could get up to 20 million mesos profit by just selling the items to an NPC.


Normal Maps:
China : Shanghai Wai-Tan
China : Shanghai - Out of the Bridge
China : Shanghai - Northern Flatland
China : Shanghai - Northern Park
China : Split Road at West
China : Mountainous Region I
China : Mountainous Region II
China : Western Prairie I
China : Western Prairie II
China : Western Prairie III
China : The Land of Black Sheep

Other Maps:
China : Shanghai - Temporary Airport (Transportation map)
China : The Path (Unknown use, monsterless map)
China : Scary Valley (Home of Giant Centipede)
China : Trecherous Valley (Home of Giant Centipede [2])

China : Shanghai - Temporary Airport
China : Shanghai - Out of the Bridge

Roaming MonstersEdit

There are no normal spawning monsters in Shanghai Wai-Tan, see monsters of Shanghai Wai-Tan for the list of monsters that can be found in this continent.