Frog Pond

A minimap of the Frog Pond.

The Frog Pond is a map containing the weakest monster in the Floating Market - the frog. They spawn in relatively small groups.
This map links to Toad Pond (Left portal) and Floating Market (Right portal).


Thailand : Toad Pond
Thailand : Frog Pond
Thailand : Floating Market
Thailand : Brilliant Swamp
Thailand : Isolated House
Thailand : The outskirt of the village
Thailand : Small Jungle
Thailand : Red Jungle
Thailand : Deep Jungle

Thailand : Toad Pond
Thailand : Floating Market

Roaming MonstersEdit

Frog White Rooster
Level: 8 Level: 15
White Rooster
HP: 75 HP: 230
EXP: 17 EXP: 28